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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a domain within computer science dedicated to the research and advancement of software and methodologies that empower machines to comprehend their environment and execute decisions that optimize their probabilities of succeeding predetermined objectives by employing learning and intelligence. It is also possible to refer to this subfield of computer science as “machine learning” or “machine learning.”
Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are currently finding application in an extensive range of sectors, encompassing academia, government, and business. Prominent applications include advanced web search engines (e.g., Google Search); recommendation systems (e.g., YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix); voice-activated interactions (e.g., Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa); autonomous vehicles (e.g., Waymo); artificial intelligence (AI) art and generative and artistic instruments (e.g., ChatGPT); and strategy games that demand exceptional analysis and performance (e.g., chess and Go).
Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) pertains to the capacity of a computer or computer-controlled automaton to execute tasks that are conventionally attributed to intelligent entities. A type of computer that is managed by a computer is referred to as automation. This expression is frequently employed to denote the undertaking of developing systems that incorporate the cognitive capacities that are unique to the human species. The aforementioned capabilities encompass the aptitudes for reasoning, seeking meaning, generalizing, and learning from past experiences.